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09 August 2022

Who Was Olivia Newton john & How Did She Die? Age Husband and More

Olivia Newton john

Olivia Newton-John was born in New York City on August 19, 1867. In 1868, the family moved to San Jose, California. At age five, Newton-John began taking piano lessons. At 12, she became a dance student at the San Jose School of Fine and Performing Arts. In 1887, Newton-John moved to Oakland, where she attended public school and private dance and elocution, classes. In 1890, Newton-John enrolled in the Oakland Business College. She soon dropped out of school and worked as a clerk at a department store. In 1891, Newton John's father died, leaving the family with little money. Soon after his death, Olivian John's mother hired her to work as an unpaid housekeeper for a wealthy widow and her daughter.


Newton-John began singing and dancing at local parties for extra money. In 1895, she joined an amateur musical group called the Dixie Dandies. They changed their name to "Newton's Band." Still, They did not attract much attention until 1897, when they traveled to Los Angeles and opened up for a famous band called the Joe Hill Sullivans Quartette at several venues, including Chinatown Garden Theatre and Maxwell's Plum Grove Saloon. The Dixie Dandies performed mainly waltzes and polkas until May 6, 1899, when they opened up for the first


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Olivia Newton-John, a Grammy-winning singer and actress, known for her performance in the movie Grease, died on Monday after fighting breast cancer for 30 years. Olivia Newton-John, an Australian singer whose soaring voice and gauzelike good aesthetics, made her one of the biggest pop stars of the 1970s and charmed generations of moviegoers with her performance in Grease, a megahit film, failed Monday, according to a statement by her hubby. Olivia Newton-John is survived by her husband, John Easterling; daughter Chloe Lattanzi; sister Sarah Newton-John; brother Toby Newton-John; nieces and nephews Tottie, Fiona, and Brett Goldsmith; Emerson, Charlie, Zac, Jeremy, Randall, and Pierz Newton-John; Jude Newton-Stock, Layla Lee; Kira and Tasha Edelstein; and Brin and Valerie Hall. In a statement posted on Olivia Newton-John's social media accounts, the legend of Grease, her husband said that the actress and singer passed away peacefully at their ranch in southern California, surrounded by friends and family.


When she was not shooting PSAs and raising money for breast cancer research, Olivia Newton-John frequently used her social media platforms in her final years to share images of her loved ones and her flowering family gardens. The statement did not mention her cause of death, but Newton-John had been fighting breast cancer for more than 30 years and included references to her long struggle with the disease and her charity efforts. Olivia Newton-John had been through severe medical hiccups after being diagnosed with breast cancer; after her mastectomy, she became a high-profile prophet for cancer awareness and established the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Health & Research Centre in Victoria, Australia. Olivia has been a symbol of triumph and hope, sharing her journey through breast cancer for more than 30 years.


Her Grease costar and duet partner hit, John Travolta, were quick to chime in with a tribute via social media. Reacting on Instagram saying that she had passed away, Grease costar John Travolta said that the death of Newtown-John had impacted him deeply. After Two year, she went on to star in another film musical, Xanadu, and then appeared again alongside John Travolta in Two-Of-A-Side, released in 1983. A series of musical comebacks have met with different levels of success in the past forty years, a time that has also been spent fighting illnesses, raising Newton-John's daughters, and campaigning for healthcare, environmental, and animal rights causes.


Her hubby is an American businessman and environmentalist who's presently CEO and president of Amazon Herb Company. Newton-John is the youthful of three children, following his family Hugh( 1939- 2019), a croaker, and his family Rona( 1941- 2013), an actress who was married to Grease Olivia's costar Jeff Conaway( 1980 until their divorce in 1985).

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